Remember, agriculture isn't just farming. Some of our graduates have become scientists, foresters, florists, mechanics, genetic engineers, and teachers.

Our program has 4 concentration areas.

Animal Science

Agricultural Mechanics

Natural Resources

Plant Science

1st Year: Freshmen year is an exploratory year when students get to explore our four concentrations. Students will also be introduced to the FFA and tractor driving.

2nd Year: Students will further be exposed to our four concentrations. Students will learn soil science, animal nutrition and reproduction, pesticides, GMOs, silviculture, wildlife, electricity, and welding.

3rd & 4th Year: Students will pick a concentration and take classes in that concentration for their junior and senior year.

Some classes can be taken as an Early College Experience (ECE) Class through the University of Connecticut and receive college credit.

All students are required to take Agriculture Business Management class as a junior or senior.

All students are required to complete a speech every year too.

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