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8th Grade Applications are due on January 31st, 2024

Program Participation Criteria

1. Academic Achievement: Students must maintain full-time credit status and must maintain passing grades in all classes. Students failing any class during the school year will be reviewed for dismissal. Students must earn a passing grade in Agricultural Science & Technology courses each quarter. Students must be prepared for class and have all appropriate materials for class instruction.

2. Social Responsibility & Citizenship: Students must show appropriate behavior and follow the school rules at all times, as stated in the Lyman Memorial High School Student Handbook. Failure to follow the school rules will result in dismissal from the Agricultural Science & Technology Program and, as appropriate, Lyman Memorial High School.

3. Work Ethic & Behavior: Students must complete all of the assigned activities in each of the lab areas (Agricultural Mechanics Shop, Greenhouse, Animal Lab, Barn Areas). Written class work (papers, oral reports, projects, etc.), and tests will be assigned by individual instructors.

4. Classes: Students must participate in all of the instructional areas of the program

5. Clothing & Safety Glasses: Students must wear suitable clothing and provide their own coveralls if they want additional clothing protection. Safety glasses must be worn in shop areas and will be supplied by the Agricultural Science & Technology Program. Students are responsible for their safety glasses and if lost, replacement glasses will be at the student’s expense.

6. Field Trips: Students are required to attend certain field trips and other activities. These trips will be announced in advance and may include a Saturday activity.

7. Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)- Students must develop and maintain and agriculturally related project. Students need to keep their project up-to-date and show development over the course of their four years in the Agricultural Science& Technology Program. All requirements for the SAE must be met.

8. FFA- Students must be active in FFA during all 4 years in the program and pay annual dues.

9. Ag Safety- Safety is a big priority on our program however; students need to be aware of the inherent risk involved in an Agricultural Science & Technology Program.


FYI, agriculture isn't just farming anymore; it's much more. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of agriculture is "the science, art, or practice of cultivating the soil, producing crops, and raising livestock". However, agriculture doesn't stop there. Our program teaches students about the science and technology behind agriculture. Students can learn about plants, animals, natural resources or mechanics.


The mission of the Agricultural Science program is to provide instruction leading to a career in agriculture upon completion of high school or to prepare students for entrance into a two or four year college.   

What is Agricultural Science & Technology?

Agriculture Science & Technology is an elective course within the total curriculum of Lyman Memorial High School. The program consists of instruction, supervised agricultural experience, and leadership development through the FFA. The program is available for high school students from the following sending towns: Lebanon, Hebron, Salem, Bozrah, Hampton, Andover, Scotland, Baltic, Sprague, Chaplin, Colchester, Marlborough, Lisbon & Franklin.

Cost & Transportation

In accordance with state statutes, cost of tuition and travel from communities served by the Agricultural Science Center is paid by the local education agency. There is no tuition or transportation cost to the student.   

How to Apply

Applicants shall have successfully completed at least the eighth grade for ninth grade admission. Students may apply for transfer into the program beyond ninth grade. Admittance shall be determined on an individual basis. Contact the guidance department to obtain an application or you can download the application here. Students with a sincere interest in agriculture will be considered. Applications are due on the first Friday of January however rolling applications may be accepted thereafter.


All students are required to pay annual dues. The dues include state and national dues costs and they help pay for awards and programs at the state and national level.

Lebanon Regional Agricultural Science & Technology Center's Department Information

If you would like more information about our program, click on the link here to view our program synopsis and department paperwork. Students must pass all 4 years of Agricultural Science.

Ag Newsletter 
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September 2023


About Our Program

There are three areas of instruction in the program. They are as follows:
  1. Classroom, laboratory and field instruction: It is in these areas that students learn the technical information necessary and its practical application. 
  2. Supervised Agricultural Experience: All students enrolled in the Agricultural Science and Technology program are expected to have some practical experience in some phase of agriculture. This experience may be on a farm or as an employee in an agricultural business, such as a stable repair, veterinarian’s assistant, green house worker, landscaper, or any other ag-related business. This experience is supervised by an adult and is a requirement of the program. 
  3. FFA: Participation in this youth organization acts as an extension of classroom instruction. The FFA program teaches leadership, citizenship, cooperation and skill development. Local chapters which are affiliated with the State and National organizations conduct activities which provide additional experience in group discussion, conduct of a meeting, human relationships and skill development competition.

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